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¡oYe! Spanish are the experts and leaders in teaching Spanish online with over 6 years experience. Our teachers are not only seasoned and well-prepared professionals, but they are also experts in managing online technology and online educational resources to work with students at all levels and ages from all over the world.
We offer a variety of options for studying Spanish based on your study goals and location. And our system of monitoring and evaluation of your progress in unequalled in online Spanish classes.
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At "¡oYe! Spanish" we are leaders in the field of online Spanish classes. Find out about our varied courses by clicking on each section below . . .

Courses for USA/Canada


General online Spanish classes in Latin American Spanish for those wishing to continue to improve their commununication skills and understanding. Learn more.



These Spanish courses are designed for the more serious students who need to know what level they are studying for, and who will work towards specific aims, based on the ACTFL standards. Learn more.

Courses for Europe


These Spanish courses are designed for students wishing to study in line with standards set by the Cervantes Institute and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR/MCER). Learn more.


General online Spanish classes for those wishing to continue to improve their commununication skills and understanding. Learn more.


Specialty Programs


Our Professional Medical Spanish Program and Introductory Medical Spanish Course are tailored to the needs of professionals in a wide range of medical and health-related specialties. Learn more.


We have many years of experience in teaching Spanish online for children, and our teachers have developed a wealth of materials and resources to keep children engaged and enthusiastic about learning Spanish online. Learn more.


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Learn about our methods and our 3-step system for monitoring and evaluating your progress in Spanish. Then sign up for a free online Spanish lesson.

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How to choose an online spanish school?

Tips for choosing a school for your online spanish course:

There are a great many websites that offer online Spanish classes, each making promises and offers to tempt the would-be student to take their online Spanish course with them. But how do you know what you are getting?

In our experience of talking to online Spanish students about their previous classes and courses we have noted that it can be hard at first to determine whether the quality of the classes they are receiving is good or not. In many cases, several weeks or months may go by before the student begins to realize that they are not learning as fast as they might. Very often it is only by experiencing the difference between one teacher and another, one method and another, that a student can come to recognize the good from the bad. But by then it may already be too late - the money has already been spent!

Too many online Spanish course websites merely connect a student with a teacher, charge the student and pay the teacher and pocket the difference, without giving any thought to the pedagogical or methodological issues, or without carrying out any oversight or supervision of the teacher to see that what they are teaching the student is valid and appropriate and meets a minimum standard.

In Spanish there is a saying that translates roughly as "the cheap turns out expensive" (Lo barato sale caro). This is equally true of online Spanish courses, where any number of wasted hours of cheap classes would have been much better spent on fewer hours of better organized and conducted classes.

The pointers that we offer the would-be student are as follows:

  • Is there academic oversight for the teacher?
  • Are there class plans and clearly defined goals agreed with the student and reviewed by an academic director?
  • Does your online Spanish teacher or administrator regularly review progress with you as a student?
  • Is there a specific methodology, pedagogy or approach that the teacher is putting into practice?
  • Are there clear policies in case of problems or issues that might arise with the teacher or the way your Spanish course is being conducted?
  • Is there a clear refund policy in case you wish to discontinue your Spanish classes?


In order to provide the very best in Spanish language education we are always seeking affiliations and certifications through our partner school in Quito:

We are affiliated through Yanapuma Spanish school to WYSETC and all our online Spanish classes carry our guarantee of quality
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